Ternate, North Maluku, (ANTARA News) - The North Maluku Provincial Health Office reported that number of dengue fever patients in the province had reached 112 until the end of January 2019.

"The number is likely to increase since only five out of the 10 districts in North Maluku have submitted data on the number of dengue fever sufferers to the Health Office," Head of the Disease Control Section of the North Maluku Health Office Andi Sakrawati stated here on Friday.

However, no district in North Maluku declared extraordinary outbreaks of dengue fever due to a relative few number of patients, and there were no reports of deaths in each district.

The North Maluku Provincial Health Office has delivered instructions and disseminated information on various efforts to prevent and treat dengue fever in all district health offices in the province.

The local health offices have disseminated information on some simple measures to prevent the spread of dengue fever, such as closing and cleaning all water containers, preventing the development of mosquito larvae, and keeping the environment clean.

The local health offices have also encouraged people to use mosquito nets while sleeping and to plant mosquito repellent plants, such as lavenders and lemongrass, around their houses.

In addition, people in North Maluku were equipped with some basic knowledge of the symptoms of dengue fever, including high fever lasting for days, pain behind the eyeballs, and red spots on the skin.

The health offices have urged people experiencing symptoms of dengue fever to immediately get intensive treatment at the nearest hospital or other health facilities.

Reporting by La Ode Aminuddin, Yuni Arisandy

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Editor: Sri Haryati
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