Kupang (ANTARA News) - Agricultural observer from Kupang Cendana University (Undana) Kupang, Dr Leta Rafel Levis opined that Indonesia can adopt the philosophy followed by the United States in building food security.

"In the context of developing domestic food security, the philosophy of agricultural development adopted by the United States should serve as a reference for agricultural development in Indonesia," Levis told Antara in Kupang on Saturday.

He stated that through a good agricultural development system in place, Indonesia can become independent in meeting its domestic food needs.

Levis noted that in the United States, the government policy that is irreplaceable despite changes in the presidency is that agricultural development should meet domestic food requirements.

In addition, the country is able to export food to five other countries in the world.

"This is a joint commitment of the US government and whoever becomes the president, and this commitment will continue, without any change in agricultural development," he emphasized.

On the contrary, in Indonesia, every time a change in national leadership occurs, new development programs in the agricultural sector always emerge and what was done by the earlier government is never carried forward.

As a result, agricultural development, which in fact must be a national priority towards realizing food independence, fails to match up to expectations.

Hence, agricultural development must become a national commitment that all national leaders continue to fulfill.

"Indonesia can adopt the philosophy followed by the United States in developing agriculture," Levis stated.

Reporting by Bernadus Tokan

Editing by Eliswan Azly/Sri Haryati

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