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TNI-Polri ready to safeguard open campaign of presidential candidate

TNI-Polri ready to safeguard open campaign of presidential candidate

Pontianak, West Kalimantan (ANTARA) - The Tanjungpura Regional Military Command (Kodam) and West Kalimantan Regional Police (Polda) expressed readiness to secure  the open campaign of presidential candidate Joko Widodo at Qubu Resort, Kubu Raya District, West Kalimantan, Wednesday.

"We yesterday  discussed the readiness of the TNI (Military)-Police for ensuring the security of presidential candidate 01, who is also the president of the Republic of Indonesia," Commander XII/Tpr Major General TNI Herman Asaribab stated in Sungai Raya.

Asaribab advised all personnel of the TNI and Polda of West Kalimantan to not view this security operation as routine but their duty and responsibility as security apparatuses, both the TNI and Polri.

"I hope for synergy in cooperation from both the National Police and people, who will take steps to safeguard the open campaign activities," he remarked.

Meanwhile, West Kalimantan Regional Police Chief Inspector General (Pol) Didi Haryono reminded all personnel of the TNI and Polri to step up security to 4S and 4C to secure the arrival of Jokowi.

"In 4S, the first S is for what, while the second relates to where and to coordinate with whom. For the third, I have to coordinate with whom, where I should be, and coordinate with whom. Who is responsible to whom," he explained.

Under 4C, the first C is for conducting checks both personally and regularly, while the second C concerns checking of weapons, equipment, and infrastructure. The third C relates to cross checks, checking your friends, where and how this is, and finally check the respective units.

The West Kalimantan Regional Police chief noted that Indonesia's president was a national symbol, so it was their responsibility to ensure security and smooth flow of traffic without any obstacles.

"This is not the first visit of the president of the Republic of Indonesia, and his past experiences here have all been smooth, so there should be no disturbances," he said.