Central Java works to reduce leptospirosis cases

Central Java works to reduce leptospirosis cases

Semarang, C Java (ANTARA) - Concerned over the rising number of leptospirosis cases in the province, the Central Java Health Department is cooperating with the province's Public Works Department and Environmental Agency to prevent and overcome the threat of the disease. Noting that the number of leptospirosis cases in the province is still relatively high compared to that of other provinces, the Head of Central Java Health Department, Yulianto Prabowo, said here on Friday, "The mortality rate from leptospirosis in Central Java is still quite high, at around 20 percent. There were 89 deaths from 427 leptospirosis cases in 2018."

He pointed out that leptospirosis cases in the province were most likely found in the flood-affected districts, such as Demak, Klaten, Banyumas, Pati, and Semarang.

Leptospirosis is transmitted to humans through water or soil that has been contaminated with rat urine carrying the leptospira bacteria.

"We are trying our best to prevent leptospirosis, but the most important thing is for people to keep their surroundings clean and themselves free from bacterial threats during the floods by wearing boots," Yulianto stated.

He warned people to be more aware of the danger of leptospirosis, which is at its peak during the rainy season, particularly in flooded areas.

"Leptospirosis is a deadly disease, so people, especially those in flooded areas, have to always be on alert and maintain a healthy lifestyle," Yulianto said.