RI to establish task force for national aviation industry's blueprint

RI to establish task force for national aviation industry's blueprint

Hopefully, the blue print for development of the national aviation industry could be brought to Aerosummit 2019.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia will establish a task force to put together a blueprint in its attempt to develop the nation's aviation industry.

"It is expected that the blueprint for developing the national aviation industry could be brought to the Aerosummit 2019," Secretary of the Indonesia Aeronautical Engineering Center (IAEC) Fadzar Vira Caryanto remarked at a focus group discussion on Pre-aerosummit 2019 in Jakarta on Tuesday.

The Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) building was the venue of the meeting that reached a decision to set up a task force accountable for holding discussions pertaining to preparing a road map to spearhead the national aviation industry's development.

The National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (Lapan) cooperated with different professional national aviation associations in Indonesia, including the Aeronautical Engineering Center, Indonesian Aircraft Maintenance Services Association, and Indonesia Aircraft Component Manufacturer Association, for the discussion.

The task force will constitute governmental agencies and non-government institutions, inclusive of associations, industries, and institutes of higher learning.

During the initial days of its activities, Caryanto remarked that the task force will soon be lined up.

"The task force's presidium will conduct activities in its initial phase of operation," he revealed.

The blueprint will help align and transform the nation's aviation industry through driving development for the future, he stated.

Caryanto noted that the highs and lows witnessed by the aviation industry had resulted in some aviation engineers losing focus.

Hence, Caryanto highlighted the importance of issuing the blueprint for integrating all elements for driving the national aviation industry.

The IAEC secretary is optimistic that the task force will work promptly to accrue relevant materials and ideas for issuing the blueprint to develop the national aviation industry.

"We will soon hold a meeting for covering discussions on the blueprint to advance the national aviation industry that we will launch at the aerosummit," he remarked.

In line with the plan, the launch of the blueprint is set for September.

"We must strive hard since merely a few months are left before the aerosummit," he added.