PD Pasar Jaya to process market waste into animal feed

PD Pasar Jaya to process market waste into animal feed

Jakarta (ANTARA) -
Jakarta-owned market operator PD Pasar Jaya plans to process organic waste from its 153 markets into animal feed, Director of Engineering Dono Pratomo said.

"We have targeted to start the project in the fourth quarter of 2019, if all runs smoothly, or in early 2020, at the latest," Pratomo said here on Wednesday.

According to Pratomo, the 153 traditional markets in the capital city produce 563 tons of both inorganic and organic waste.

"To dump all the waste from the markets, the Environment Office of the Jakarta administration needs Rp1 billion per month. Hence, we will manage this garbage by ourselves," he said.

The company will also cooperate with city-owned slaughterhouse operator PD Dharma Jaya, which owns a large site on Penggilingan Street, East Jakarta, to build a waste processing facility.

"Why Dharma Jaya? Because it has the land, and the city-owned firm that focuses on managing meat supplies, also produces manure. This is good for eco-friendly waste processing, because we do not have to incinerate the garbage," he said.

Development of the waste processing facility is expected to cost Rp60 billion.

"We will not focus on profits, but how to process waste into something useful. Moreover, it will not pollute the environment. The issue of waste management is not new for us, but we have to start it now," Pratomo said.