Military assist in evacuating flood victims in Samarinda

Military assist in evacuating flood victims in Samarinda

Two Anoa tanks are ready to be deployed for evacuation of flood victims in Samarinda. (Special)

Samarinda, East Kalimantan (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Defense Forces (TNI) have dispatched personnel and trucks to facilitate the evacuation of flood victims in Samarinda, East Kalimantan Province, Major Arfan Affandi, commander of Infantry Battalion (Yonif) 611/Awang Long (Awl), reported.

"Last Sunday, the Yonif 611/Awl had deployed three trucks and a platoon of officers that are currently in the flood-affected locations. If the need arises, we will station 150 other officers and two Anoa tanks to assist in the evacuation process," Affandi remarked here on Tuesday.

Tanks were necessary to ply through flood-inundated roads and to assist in the evacuation operations.

A platoon of military officers of the Yonif 611/Awl offered assistance with evacuation and distribution of logistics in flood-affected areas in Samarinda on Sunday.

"Yesterday, I also went to the field to offer help. The TNI, National Police (Polri), local disaster mitigation officers, and volunteers on the field are collaborating to assist the flood-affected victims. If the floodwaters rise, we are ready to deploy Anoa tanks, if required," he confirmed.

In the meantime, flooding in three sub-districts in Samarinda over the past five days have brought the lives of some 20 thousand people to a standstill.

North Samarinda, Samarinda Ulu, and Sungai Pinang are the three flood-affected sub-districts, Sugeng Chairuddin, secretary of the Samarinda municipality administration, remarked here on Tuesday.

Floodwaters of over a meter in height inundated several thousand homes in residential areas, including Bengkuring, Griya Mukti, Temindung, and Gunung Lingai.

The flood-affected people are in desperate need of instant food, clean water, blankets, clothes, baby diapers, sanitary napkins, and medicines, he pointed out.

The victims have sought relief aid from the public, especially cooked food, for which a shortage has been faced so far.