Schools should not impose illegal levies during PPDB: Singkawang mayor

Schools should not impose illegal levies during PPDB: Singkawang mayor

Singkawang Mayor, Tjhai Chui Mie (Rudi)

Pontianak (ANTARA) - Singkawang Mayor Tjhai Chui Mie has stressed that schools should not impose illegal levies outside existing rules during the New Student Admission (PPDB) process.

"This year, several schools -- kindergarten, elementary, junior high, and high school /vocational schools -- are in the process of enrolling new students (PPDB) for the 2019-2020 academic year. To this end, I emphasize that schools should not impose illegal levies, as this can burden parents, especially of students from disadvantaged groups," Mie stated in Singkawang on Friday.

Mie reiterated that those being imposed illegal levies during the PPDB process should directly approach her with their grievances.

During the face-to-face meeting, Mie expressed willingness to promptly handle any public complaint and any form of treatment during registration. "This is done since I want education in Singkawang City to be the best for children in Singkawang City," she affirmed.

The effort was also made to curtail the number of school dropouts, especially in Singkawang City. Hence, the school is expected to simplify matters, so that children are eager to go to school.

"I hope that students from disadvantaged circles would be exempt from paying for education, both for elementary and junior high school," he stated.

Speaking in connection with the zoning system applied by the central government, Mie remarked that the rules made were for the good of students.

However, schools in the area, especially in Singkawang City, must have their own policies in addition to following the stipulated zoning system.

Hence, the central government's rules must also be properly flagged for the Singkawang community.

"The rules that are made should not be followed thoroughly, else the implementation will become too rigid," she stated.

She cited as an example that if children lived close to school and transportation was not available then that could be a priority.

At times, there are some children, who go to school that is not of their liking, and it is feared to dampen the school spirit.

"Hence, we might have a better policy between zoning and not zoning," she remarked.

Mie emphasized that schools should take into account the rules and policies, as they are more in keeping with their environment. Thus, the central government's rules will truly offer benefits felt by the people of Singkawang.

On a separate occasion, Singkawang Regional Secretary Sumastro stated that the relevant agency must have a comprehensive understanding of the zoning system set by the central government.

"If indeed there are several weaknesses in this zoning system, it is not impossible to make revisions while the process is running," he noted.

She expressed hope that the applied zoning system would not trigger widespread polemic in the community that can lower the quality of education in Singkawang owing to the implementation being too rigid.

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