Jakarta (ANTARA) -
The Ministry of Education and Culture received a revised quota of new students accepted through performance track from five percent to 15 percent.

"Based on the president's directives, it was decided that there would be flexibility in the performance track. We have decided to make a range of five to 15 percent for the performance track," said Secretary General of the Ministry of Education Didik Suhardi, PhD, here on Thursday.

Changing the range for the performance track means accommodating students who want to attend schools outside their zones. The revision was made based upon Minister's decree no 51/2018 regarding the acceptance of new students in kindergarten, elementary, junior high, high schools and vocational schools.

Didik added that the revision had been brought to the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and was expected to be completed on Friday (6/21).

The Ministry of Education and Culture will immediately send a letter to the education office in each region, to assist regions that still have problems with the acceptance of new students.

"For regions where the acceptance of new students is not problematic, there is no need to follow this revision," he said.

According to Didik, with the zoning expanded, schools will become available to students from all walks of life.

"For this reason, all parties support this zoning policy. Moreover, public schools do not distinguish one student with another. Not only smart children, but children whose homes are not far from the schools must be accommodated, so there is no discrimination," Didik said.

Admission for new students in 2019 has been carried out along three bases, namely those on zoning, performance and parents who move from one to other areas. In this case, the zoning quota includes disadvantaged students and persons with disabilities in schools that provide inclusive services.

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