Palembang, South Sumatra (ANTARA) - The Palembang municipal administration in South Sumatra, Sumatra Island, has explored sister-city ties with Houston, Texas, the United States, and suggested forging cooperation in the areas of tourism, education, health, culture, and urban planning.

"We are keen to have in place exchange programs involving experts, paramedics, students, and manpower to enhance the quality of human resources in Palembang," Harrey Hadi, head of the Palembang development planning office, remarked here on Tuesday.

Palembang has put forth a suggestion of establishing a Palembang Corner in Houston City to help promote tourism in Palembang.

Hadi is upbeat about Houston offering a program that can help improve the quality of teachers and doctors of Palembang, so they can match up to the global competency standard.

"Education and health services in Houston are highly advanced in several aspects, and it would be wonderful if there were to be a transfer of knowledge," he stated.

Speaking in connection with the cultural field, Hadi suggested that it would be an interesting if a study and seminar were to be held in Palembang, the country's oldest city, and particularly centering on life around Musi River.

Palembang is also ready to send traditional artists to perform in Houston, he noted.

Hadi also expressed hope to establish cooperation in the areas of water management and waste treatment, as Houston is highly advanced in those areas.

Palembang will give a presentation on sister-city ties and potential cooperation with Houston next week, he revealed.

Hadi is also upbeat about attracting investors to Palembang, the second-largest city on Sumatra Island.

Palembang's Human Development Index is recorded at 77.2 percent, while it clocked an economic growth rate of 6.15 percent in 2018, or surpassing the national average index and growth rate.

Translator: Aziz Munajar, Fardah
Editor: Bambang Purwanto
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