The things that matter were conceptual designs, means anybody can put forth their plan and not only China but anybody, including Indonesia's business entities, can join.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi has echoed the government’s openness if China is interested in working on the new capital city's transportation project in East Kalimantan.

"I have not heard about this in detail, but we will welcome it if China is keen to partake in the project of government partnership with business entities (KPBU)," Sumadi noted in Jakarta, Tuesday.

The government will develop an electrical-based transportation system along with mass transportation as a priority.

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"As we can illustrate here, there will be railway service from Balikpapan to Kota Baru and Samarinda," he added.

Sumadi explained that this project is open to all parties and not only China.

"The things that matter were conceptual designs, which means anybody can propose their plan and not only for China. However, anybody, including Indonesia's business entities, can join," Sumadi clarified.

Speaking in connection with financial funding for the construction of transportation infrastructure, Sumadi noted that the government expected to minimize the National Budget (APBN) yet planned for comprehensive development, including inter-office connection using railways.

"We would like to have AGT (automated guided transit) for connecting across offices, so that the officials do no need to drive a car," Sumadi remarked.

The designs for electrical vehicles will be finalized this week and will thereafter be up to the president to decide. Related news: Environmental study of new capital by November

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