The police officers first arrested SGI in Ubud on August 28, followed by FA, BA, and SV in Sanur, Denpasar on September 3
Denpasar, Bali (ANTARA) - The Bali Police has arrested four Bulgarian nationals, for ATM skimming at several tourist spots on the island such as Ubud, Gianyar, and Sanur, Denpasar.

The four Bulgarians have been identified as SGI (43), FA (54), BA (41), and SV (37), the Director of Special Crimes Investigation Department, Police Chief Commissioner Yuliar Kus Nugroho stated here, Monday. "The police officers first arrested SGI in Ubud on August 28, followed by FA, BA, and SV in Sanur, Denpasar on September 3. SGI was caught red-handed installing a router and a hidden camera at the ATM," Nugroho said.

The hidden camera was used to record the ATM card information, and thereafter the skimmer could duplicate the cards to withdraw some amount of cash, he explained. The money was used to purchase watches and clothes, the police said.

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Meanwhile, the other three suspects were arrested from a house in Denpasar. The police received a tip-off from the bank that grew suspicious about an unusual transaction made by some foreigners on the island.

On searching the house, the police officers seized several cards bearing a resemblance to the ATM cards. The cards contained some serial numbers of other cards, the bank clarified.

Other evidence that was seized by the police included nine phones, passports, four hidden cameras, a router, 20 fake credit cards, 690 electronic money cards, Rp54 million, €5,285, RM233, US$ 20, and a card-reading device, an Internet modem, a money counter machine, a laptop, a car and a motorbike, and three helmets.

The victims were mostly foreigners, Nugroho said.

Despite the four Bulgarian nationals having committed a similar ATM skimming activity, the police could not find a link between the suspects. "They claimed to not know each other," he added.

The four Bulgarian nationals had stayed in Bali for six months on tourist visas.

Due to their criminal activities, the four suspects may face a maximum of eight years in prison.

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