Jakarta (ANTARA) - President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has urged engineers in the ASEAN member countries to intensify cooperation to ensure that the region’s economy is by all means protected from recession.

"The global economy is currently in an unfavorable condition. Some countries have faced an economic slowdown, with some having faced recession," Jokowi remarked at the opening of the 37th Conference of the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations (AFEO) at JI-Expo Kemayoran, Jakarta, on Wednesday.

The head of state highlighted the need for all nations to prepare themselves to maintain stable and sustainable growth.

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"Brotherhood and cooperation among us in the big family of ASEAN has run optimally, but there is a pressing need to strengthen cooperation, particularly to cope with the unstable and unpredictable situation in the world," he stated.

He opined that a slowdown in some regions should be viewed as an opportunity to make a leap forward.

"There is no choice left but to develop innovation and breakthrough. Hence, in such a difficult economic situation, we, in ASEAN, have the opportunity to grow faster," he stated.

With a population, totaling some 600 million, the ASEAN has become the world's powerful economy.

The ASEAN has proved itself to be a secure and stable region, with noteworthy economic growth.

The president lauded the establishment of the recognition agreement among ASEAN engineers to have the same standard of competence in its 10 member countries.

"The organization can facilitate its members to share experiences and knowledge as well as build synergy," Jokowi stated.

The 37th Conference of the ASEAN Federation of Engineering Organizations (Caefo37) is expected to unveil an opportunity for engineers in ASEAN nations to increase cooperation, including cooperation with other sectors to develop novel innovation and drive economic growth.

"It is important to develop a new model of business and take precautionary measures in the face of emerging business and prepare emerging skills for evolving jobs," he stated.

The president is optimistic that engineers would play their role in developing future innovation. "I welcome this Cafeo37, so we can share ideas, experiences, technology, and best practices," Jokowi stated.

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