The capital city will be furnished with the best and most advanced infrastructure, so it could become a reference for other cities.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - The new capital city to be located in an area straddling the border between North Penajam Paser and Kutai Kartanegara, East Kalimantan, will have a three-million accommodation capacity, National Development Planning Minister Bambang Brodjonegoro affirmed.

In the initial stage, its capacity will merely be 1.5 million on a plot of land measuring 40 thousand hectares, but it could be expanded to 180 thousand hectares in the subsequent stages, the minister, concurrently head of the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), stated here on Thursday.

"There is a reserve of 180 thousand hectares. It's (capacity) could reach over 1.5 million and up to double, or three million (population). The number of civil servants to be transferred will be some 200 thousand people that is already included in the 1.5 million," he explained.

The development will be supervised to ensure no environmental harm, with the activities being limited solely for government offices and educational purposes, among others, he noted.

"The city will be inclusive, but its development and growth will be under control, so it would not expand anywhere, and it would not be free for any sector," he revealed.

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The new capital city will become a destination of urbanization to reach a certain population.

The capital city will be furnished with the best and most advanced infrastructure, so other cities could take a cue from it, he remarked.

"For instance, its tap water will be potable, gas pipe line will be connected to each home, every house will have a sewer system connected to sewage treatment, and its means of public transportation will be based on the rail system," he explained.

The government will involve the public’s participation in deciding the design for the new capital city area by inviting them to propose ideas on city planning.

"The government has the basic plan in place, but we want to involve the public to participate in it. We seek ideas from the best experts on city planning, so they could observe, and we will choose, incorporate, and apply them into the master plan," he added.

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