Teachers need psychological treatment after deadly riot in Wamena

Teachers need psychological treatment after deadly riot in Wamena

Photo File: Children who got affected by deadly riot in Wamena city, joined a trauma-healing session provided by the Social Ministry, Saturday (Oct 5, 2019). ANTARA/Desi Purnamawati/GTM

Wamena, Papua (ANTARA) - Several teachers who got affected by a violent riot in Wamena City, Papua Province, admitted that they need psychological treatment to heal trauma before reinstated at schools on Oct 7.

"Frankly speaking, I am not ready to teach because I  am still traumatic from the recent incident, but I understand that teaching is my duty, my responsibility," a school teacher in Wamena, Damaris said on behalf of other teachers who lost their homes due to the bloody riot in Wamena, at  the Military Command 1702/Jayawijaya headquarters, here on Sunday.

However, if the treatment was unavailable, the teachers would still be willing to get back to school, Damaris, a settler from Toraja, South Sulawesi, said.

"We will open the classes and await for the students," she added.

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Responding to the teacher's request, the Psychosocial Support Division Team of the Social Ministry stated it would provide trauma healing sessions during the first day of schools in Wamena City.

"We will visit the teachers at schools, because they're part of our subjects when it comes to healing trauma," the team's coordinator, Milly Mildawati said.

Some entertaining activities would be organized during the trauma-healing session, which include group-talks and playing fun games.

On Sept 23, a deadly riot broke in Wamena where dozens of homes and shops were burned and tore down by an group of people. Because of the incident, at least 10,000 people have been temporarily displaced, while schools and some public facilities were shut down for several days.

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