C Java residents urged to secure Jokowi's presidential inauguration

C Java residents urged to secure Jokowi's presidential inauguration

Secretary of the Central Java provincial government Puryono attended a declaration to support the presidential inauguration scheduled to be held in Jakarta on Oct 20, 2019. (ANTARA/Kutnadi)

Batang, C Java (ANTARA) - Central Java’s provincial administration urged its residents throughout the province to partake in maintaining peace and security prior to the convening of the Joko Widodo- Ma'ruf Amin pair’s presidential inauguration in Jakarta, Sunday (Oct 20).

Despite eligible voters in Central Java Province having diverse political preferences during this year's presidential race, the Jokowi-Amin pair emerged victorious in the elections, Secretary of the Central Java provincial government Puryono told residents of Batang District at Sicepit Beach on Friday.

Addressing a gathering after joining a mangrove seed planting event at the beach, Puryono remarked that the people, at large, should extend their complete support to the elected president and vice president and contribute to combined efforts to maintain peace and security prior to the Indonesian presidential inauguration.

"As Indonesian citizens, we are obliged to support the elected duo. We must also reject all acts of anarchism and contribute to counterterrorism measures by keeping our neighborhoods secure," he affirmed.

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The Widodo-Amin pair will be sworn in at the Parliament Building on Oct 20. Some 30 thousand security personnel will secure this historic event.

Several university student organizations also voiced calls to uphold peace and security ahead of the swearing-in ceremony.

The Student Executive Body (BEM) of Archipelago (Nusantara), for instance, urged all elements of the nation, including student activists throughout Indonesia, to maintain peace and security in the run up to the convening of the historic event on Sunday.

"BEM Nusantara has not yet issued the calls for staging rallies to avoid an allegation that we have an agenda for foiling the swearing-in of the president and vice president-elect," BEM Nusantara Central Coordinator Hengky Primana explained.

Primana pointed out that BEM Nusantara had endeavored to ascertain the smooth running of the swearing-in ceremony as scheduled on Oct 20 since foiling it would be tantamount to going against the democratic processes in which scores of eligible voters had recently participated.

The Islamic Students Association (HMI) has also pledged support to the Widodo- Amin’s Oct-20 swearing-in ceremony as Indonesia's president and vice president for 2019-2024 since as Indonesia’s integral part, it will ensure this historic event runs smoothly.

"The HMI will secure the smooth convening of the swearing-in ceremony," Chairman of the University, Student, and Youth Affairs Division at HMI's Central Executive Board Akmal Fahmi noted in a press statement. Related news: HMI vows to support Jokowi-Amin swearing-in ceremony
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