Moroccan Minister upbeat about intensifying relations with Indonesia

Moroccan Minister upbeat about intensifying relations with Indonesia

Foreign Minister of Morocco Nasser Bourita (left) and Foreign Minister of Indonesia Retno Marsudi (right) delivered their statements after a bilateral meeting at the Pancasila building, Jakarta, Monday (Oct 28, 2019). (MOFA)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Foreign Minister of Morocco Nasser Bourita has pinned high hopes of bilateral relations deepening with Indonesia, as 2020 will mark six decades of the relationship.

"Our relationship should stand on the grounds of solidarity and feature a humanitarian side for both countries' future," Minister Bourita remarked at a press conference with his Indonesian counterpart Retno Marsudi in Jakarta, Monday.

In a bid to boost relations between both nations, Bourita affirmed that bilateral channels in the politics sector should be expanded through various forms of concrete cooperation.

To this end, during Bourita's visit, four memoranda of understanding (MoUs) documents were inked between Indonesia and Morocco in several sectors, including industry, maritime and fisheries, terrorism countermeasures, and exchanges of financial intelligence data concerning money laundering and terrorism funding.

Partnership in the social sector has also been increased through a visa-free scheme for both nations’ public.

"Indonesia is a very important partner of Morocco, and future cooperation will be conducted through the framework of partnership," Bourita explained.

Morocco also welcomed Indonesia's initiative for both countries to initiate the negotiation process for a preferential trade agreement (PTA) that is expected to overcome trade tariff barriers.

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"Large areas of potential have yet to be explored, not only in the domestic market but also in the Northern Africa region where Morocco is located," he pointed out.

He further affirmed that Morocco and Indonesia share several similarities in the manner the two countries respond to regional and global issues, as they both adhere to the principles of moderate Islam.

"Indonesia and Morocco are two important countries as parts of the Islamic world. We have good capital, in terms of culture, particularly regarding the fight against radicalism and terrorism countermeasures," he affirmed.

Indonesia and Morocco have enjoyed diplomatic relations since 1960. Indonesia has two representatives in Morocco, including an embassy in Rabat and a consulate general in Casablanca. Meanwhile, the Moroccan government has an embassy in Jakarta.

The Indonesian Foreign Ministry confirmed that President Soekarno's visit to Rabat on May 1960 was the first visit by a country leader to Morocco following its independence. King Mohammed V and the people of Morocco welcomed the visit. It marked the deep relations between both countries.
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