(You have to) maintain the good image of the person, unit, nation and state, and show that TNI are professional soldiers
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Garuda Contingent, a group of peacekeepers drawn from the Indonesian military that serve with the United Nations (UN), carries out important duties that are strongly related to political and socio-cultural activities, as well as military diplomacy.

The assignment of Indonesian Military (TNI) soldiers in UN peace missions in the Garuda Contingent is a special task, as they can perform as Indonesian ambassadors in international forums.

Therefore, they need to carry out their task with responsibility and pride, Indonesian Military (TNI) Commander Air Chief Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto pointed out in his remarks, read by TNI Inspector General Lieutenant General M. Herindra during the departure ceremony of 850 personnel of the Garuda Contingent Task Force XXXIX-B Rapid Action Battalion (Mission de Organization des Nations Unies pour La Stabilization en République Démocratique du Congo/MONUSCO) in Jakarta on Monday.

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"(You have to) maintain the good image of the person, unit, nation and state, and show that TNI are professional soldiers," he said, in a press statement released on Monday.

According to Tjahjanto, the implementation of the previous peacekeeping task carried out by the contingent was considered very successful. Local communities in conflicted countries, including Congo, as well as the UN, recognize the ability and value the success achieved through a humanitarian approach conducted by Indonesian peacekeepers.

Also, he noted, the Garuda Contingent is known for its approach to the community, in order to support the achievement of basic tasks.

"Therefore, take the positive side and develop the success of the unit and avoid deficiencies that arise, so that the task is carried out well," Tjahjanto added.

The TNI Commander also emphasized that this assignment was a means to gain experience and broaden horizons.

"The commander must be able to control what is done and what is not done by his soldiers. The soldiers should respect and uphold the local culture, so that the community supports the implementation of their duties. Be a good ambassador for the nation and a diplomat of the TNI," Tjahjanto said.

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