Criminal rate in Jayawijaya plunges significantly to 60 percent

Criminal rate in Jayawijaya plunges significantly to 60 percent

Stakeholders in Jayawijaya District held a meeting in Wamena, Papua, on Saturday (Feb 8, 2020). ANTARA/Marius F Yewun

"We see the criminal rate fall to 60 percent, from 90 percent.
Wamena, Papua (ANTARA) - The criminal rate in Jayawijaya District, Papua Province, dropped considerably to 60 percent after the police intensified patrols and raids since early this year, a social figure stated.

"We see that the criminal rate fell to 60 percent, from 90 percent," Hengky Heselo, the social figure, stated at a meeting with all stakeholders in the district on Saturday.

At the discussion forum involving personnel of the Jayawijaya district police and local stakeholders, he expressed support for the police's efforts to conduct routine patrols and raids in the district.

He suggested that liquor makers other than those of Jayawijaya District should be sent back to their hometowns.

"After they (non-Jayawijaya liquor makers and sellers) are arrested and fined, they should be returned to their hometowns," he stated.

Chief of the Association of Potikelek Market Traders Yonita Gombo praised the police for its policy to increase its personnel's on-field performance. "If possible, the police should not solely conduct patrols at certain hours since drunkards already know it, so they will shun the patrolling," he added.


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