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Valentine's Day -- get love, get promos

Valentine's Day -- get love, get promos

Ilustration. Valentine's Day. (ANTARA/Asri Mayang Sari)

The month of love has arrived with February 14, the most special moment for people who celebrate romantic love, friendship or even amazement.

People can express how much they love someone. Not only for their partner but also their best friends, teachers, members of a family or even parents.

Everyone has their way of celebrating this day, called Valentine’s Day.

Probably, for some people who have been waiting for this moment, they have a special gift for that special someone. You also create a memorable experience on Valentine’s Day. With a romantic dinner, heart-shaped chocolates, vouchers, or time with the family are options to celebrate the loving day.

If we are talking about Valentine’s Day, we address special offers, called Valentine’s special edition. Isn’t it?

The commercial industry is competing to offer that special something to welcome Valentine’s Day and we can see various packages with the Valentine theme scattered everywhere. The interesting offers make it more special.

Valentine’s Day is not just a time for chocolates or flowers, but it is a great opportunity for offering promotions.

Here are some special offers that you can receive during Valentine’s Day:

Harris Hotel Sentraland Semarang

Harris Hotel Sentraland Semarang is a 4-star hotel and the best one in Semarang, Central Java.

Located on Jalan Ki Mangunsarkoro No. 36, in Karangkidul area, Semarang, Harris Hotel has interesting offers to celebrate Valentine’s Day with different ideas that will involve you in having fun together.

Swimming pool at Harris Hotel Sentraland Semarang. (ANTARA/Harris Hotel Sentraland Semarang)
The Harris Hotel offers so many interesting promotions, such as "buy 10 packages get 11", dining vouchers for a couple or singles and many more.

On February 14, Harris Hotel will hold the most special event called Jomblo Party with theme White and Wet Valentine Party.

This event is not only for couples but singles as well, in other words, “para jomblo”.

If you buy a package worth Rp102.000 you can join in. Here you will receive promo for an "all you can eat" BBQ dinner with Pool Party concept and accompanied by live music. You also have the chance to win interesting prizes such as dining vouchers, hotel vouchers, and, of course, chocolates.

This event will begin at 7 p.m. and end at 10 p.m. and there are no pre-conditions for this offer.

Harris Hotel also celebrated its second anniversary on February 1 and is still presenting special offers for special occasions.

In the future, Harris Hotel will hold events to make your Valentine’s Day celebrations even more amazing.


Every year, ABUBA Steak has some special promotions on Valentine’s Day. Either dining promotions or promotions that involve customers, such as a photo contest #abubavalentine on social media. If you are lucky you will receive an ABUBA voucher worth Rp300.000.

ABUBA Steak also presents something different which is called menu promotion with the theme “Share Your Love”.

Romantic dinner at ABUBA Steak. (ANTARA/ABUBA Steak)
At Rp250.000 you will receive a package that includes two steaks (Sirloin New Zealand), two drinks (Signature Lemon Tea), 1 Veggie Fruit Salad and Love Choco Volcano. With this promotion, you have also donated to Rumah Singgah Pejuang Hati Foundation and shown your love for children.

This menu is valid from February 10 to 16, 2020 and without terms and conditions, so you can come here and enjoy the promotions.

For the next occasion, ABUBA will continue with some special promotions for customers because they always have some exclusive offers for various sweet moments such as Lunar New Year Holiday, Lebaran, Christmas Day and even Mother’s Day.

Chocolate and Beverages

Chocolates can be a symbol to describe how Valentine’s Day celebrations are so sweet. There are so many promotions with chocolates. For example, there is a promo where you buy 2 Silver Queen all variant 65gr, and get 1 free. You can also receive a heart-shaped chocolate or a delicious cake covered with an ornament of love at a cheaper price than usual.

Beverages are the same as chocolates. There are so many promotions offered with this product. Usually, if you pay for three drinks, you can get four. Or, you can buy it on a special discount.

Ilustration. Chocolate valentine edition. (ANTARA/Asri Mayang Sari)
Valentine’s Day lover

Novita Sari, who every year celebrates the Valentine’s Day, tells us about her experiences. She claims that since she was in primary school she never forgets to make a special something with her best boyfriend for Valentine’s Day. Chocolates are a must in every celebration for the loving day, she said.

That mother with two daughters celebrates Valentine’s Day even today. A romantic dinner or a movie with her husband are the options on Valentine’s Day.

Her husband always presents her with gifts such as jewelry, a full set of branded cosmetics, the new iPhone among other things, she said.

For her, Valentine’s Day is more special than usual. Valentine’s Day is a symbol of love.

She wishes that someday she will receive another special valentine gift such as a house, and in the future, she will always celebrate Valentine’ Day because without this moment she feels she has lost something in her life. 

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