Titiek Puspa`s "envoy of love" enthralls Londoners

Titiek Puspa`s "envoy of love" enthralls Londoners

Titiek Puspa (third right) at cultural event Hello Indonesia, Trafalgar Square, London (ANTARA FOTO/Zeynita Gibbons)

London (ANTARA News) - Famous Indonesian singer and songwriter Titiek Puspa and her childrens vocal group called "Duta Cinta" (Envoy of Love) entertained Londoners during "Hello Indonesia" cultural event held at Trafalgar Square, here, Sunday (June 7).

"I truly admire the performance of the "Duta Cinta" childrens vocal and dance group," Colin Munsie, an Australian architect who lives in London, told Antara.

"Hello Indonesia" cultural event was initiated by Usya Soeharjono, the owner of "Nusa Dua" Indonesian restaurant in London.

Deputy Mayor of London Sir Edward Lister officially inaugurated the event aimed at promoting closer bilateral relations between Britain and Indonesia.

Puspa sang a few songs such as "Jatuh Cinta", "Kupu-kupu Malam", Mari lah ke mari", "Warung Pojok", and "Bubui Bulan."

Dedicated to little Princess Charlotte, she and the "Duta Cinta" singers, accompanied by Dwiki Dharmawans music, sang the Indonesian cradle song "Nina Bobo" (Sleep Nina).

"I dedicate the Nina Bobo song to the granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth, Princess Charlotte," Puspa, who has 14 grandchildren, remarked.

Established in 2013, "Duta Cintra" comprises 10 youth hailing from different religious and racial backgrounds that reflects Indonesias unity in diversity.

Puspa has composed nine childrens songs for "Duta Cinta," according to Managing Director of Titiek Puspa Management for Hello Indonesia Petty Tanjung Sari.

Petty is the daughter of Puspa, and her son studies in London.

The "Duta Cinta" vocal group sang "Aku Bangga Jadi Anak Indonesia" (I am proud to be Indonesian children), "Hono Hini", and "Kau dan Aku Indonesia" (You and I are Indonesia) written by Puspa.

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