Pekanbaru, Riau (ANTARA) - Six laboratories at the University of Riau in Pekanbaru city are producing 30 litres of hand sanitizers everyday and plan to distribute them for free as part of efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus.

"The hand sanitizers produced by the University will be given to those within the campus for free. If production is leveled up, we will also give them out to the public," said chief of the COVID-19 Volunteer Team at Riau University, Arisman Adnan, in a press statement to ANTARA in Pekanbaru, Friday.

All six of the university's labs, including the Microbiology Lab, Physical Chemistry Lab, Material Physics Lab, FKIP Chemistry Lab, FKIP Bio Lab, and Marine Biotechnology Lab, are working together to create hand sanitizers.

"All six labs are in the process of producing sanitizers, and they will be available for use this Friday," said Adnan, who is a Math lecturer on the University's Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

He further added the team of volunteers making the hand sanitizers includes dozens of lecturers across the fields of science and as many as 130 students.

The volunteers aim to provide disinfectants to the community as it is considerably difficult to obtain them at the present time, he stated. Antiseptic fluids are a requirement in efforts to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, he added.

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The labs are producing around 30 liters of sanitizing liquid per day, Adnan said. The volunteers have been working for a number of days and have submitted samples to university officials.

"However, they cannot be widely distributed yet as (the product) is still in the packaging stage. We are using special bottles and labeling," he said.

Furthermore, he stated, the university is open to benefactors and citizens who wish to devote time, ideas, and raw materials, such as bottles and 96 percent alcohol solution, to the cause.

The volunteers have also opened an account in Bank Mandiri (account number 108-00-1590474-2) to collect donations. Donations can be made under the name of Radiatul Mardhiah. Volunteer Muhammad Rokhim can be reached at 085272335055 for inquiries.

"We are currently having a hard time getting alcohol solution, which is one of the ingredients for making this sanitizing liquid, as well as storage containers," Adnan said.

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