Jakarta (ANTARA) - Government Spokesman for COVID-19 Handling Achmad Yurianto pointed to close contact being the main causal factor behind the rising number of cases of COVID-19 in Indonesia, reaching 1,046 as of Friday.

"Close contact with sources of the disease caused transmission within the community," Yurianto stated during a press conference in Jakarta.

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases has increased significantly, from 893 on Thursday (March 26) to 1,046 on Friday, with fatalities having risen by nine cases to touch 87. Meanwhile, the number of patients having recovered from COVID-19 has also increased to 46.

Yurianto noted that the increased number of COVID-19 cases is indicative of the fact that this disease is being transmitted within the community.

"There are sources of the disease and there are those who come in close contact (with the source), and this has resulted in the total number of confirmed cases reaching 1,046," he remarked.

To this end, the government has called on the public to work together to cut the chain of virus transmission by adhering to the government's recommendation to maintain a physical distance of at least 1.5 meters between one another.

A physical distance of less than 1.5 meters can raise the likelihood of transmission through droplets from the infected persons.

"Let us comply with this call and avoid close contact. Maintain safe distance during social communication with anyone, both at home or outside," he remarked.

People should be aware of touching objects or surfaces, such as door knobs, door handles in means of public transportation, and handrails that might be contaminated with the virus.

The government has also called on the public to frequently wash hands with soap and avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth as a precautionary measure against the spread of the virus. Related news: Drone deployed to disinfect Surabaya's Gunung Anyar area
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Translator: Yashinta Difa P, Sri Haryati
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