Jakarta (ANTARA) - Traffic Director of Jakarta Regional Police Senior Commissioner Sambodo Purnomo Yogo announced 10 transportation modes on the priority list for plying on the capital’s streets while applying large-scale social restrictions (PSBB), effective March 10 morning.

Transportation services, whether land, sea, or air, for carrying goods can continue to run, especially for goods that are essential to meet the public’s requirements.

"First, freight trucks for meeting the medical, health, and sanitation needs," Yogo stated on Thursday morning.

Furthermore, vehicles second on the priority list during the application of PSBB are transportation of goods for catering to basic needs.

Third, transportation to carry drinking food and vegetables to be distributed to markets and supermarkets, while the fourth pertains to transportation modes for the circulation of money.

Fifth on the priority list is the transportation modes for fuel oil (BBM) and gas fuel (BBG), while the sixth concerns freight trucks used for industrial, manufacturing, and assembling raw materials.

The seventh included on the list of priorities entails goods trucks for export-import purposes, while the eighth concerns freight trucks for shipping services.

The ninth is bus transportation to transport employees, while the tenth is crossing ships.

In the meantime, other modes of transportation for carrying passengers are still allowed to operate in the capital city.

However, restrictions will be in place on the number of passengers in other modes of transportation.

"What is limited is only the number of passengers allowed in one vehicle, but even then we are still awaiting regulations from the governor of Jakarta," Yogo noted.

Yogo made assurance that the Jakarta Regional Police will not restrict access in and out of or to the capital city.

"There is no closure or engineering of traffic flow in and out of Jakarta," he clarified.

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Reporter: Livia K, Azis K
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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