Jakarta (ANTARA) - A survey of 87,379 workers conducted by the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) has revealed that the percentage of workers reporting a drop in income is higher among those laid off temporarily in wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the BPS survey results, released in Jakarta on Wednesday, 35.78 percent of the respondents, who are still working, claim to have seen their income decrease.

Meanwhile, the percentage of respondents who have experienced a decline in income is higher, at 60.74 percent, among workers who have been temporarily laid off.

According to the BPS survey, workers, including those who have been laid off due to the COVID-19 pandemic, still have the right to receive full wages or wage deductions, if the company and its employees have worked out such an agreement.

According to the BPS, 70.53 percent of the workers earning up to Rp1.8 million have claimed that their income has dropped, while income reduction has also been reported by 46.77 percent workers earning between Rp1.8 million and Rp3 million.

Meanwhile, 37.19 percent of workers earning Rp3 million-4.8 million, 31.67 percent of workers making Rp.8.8 million-7.2 million, and 30.34 percent of workers earning above Rp7.2 million claim to have seen a drop in income.

As many as 76.84 percent of workers in the accommodation, food and beverages sector have seen their incomes plunge.

Incomes of workers engaged in the tourism sector have also been affected the most by the COVID-19 pandemic, with 70.39 percent of workers engaged in three tourism-related businesses — wholesale trade, retail, and car and motorcycle repair — reporting a decline in earnings.

Meanwhile, 62.60 percent of workers in the transportation and warehousing sector have reported a fall in earnings.

The BPS has conducted the social demographic survey of the impact of COVID-19 on 87,379 workers in a number of cities across Indonesia, but almost 58 percent of the respondents are spread across Java.

Of the total 87,379 respondents, 2.52 percent have been freshly laid-off due to company closure.

Meanwhile, 18.34 percent of the respondents have been laid off temporarily, 56.40 percent are still working, and the remaining 22.74 percent are not working.

The survey was conducted online so that it could cover individuals who are computer-literate and have access to the Internet.

As many as 71 percent of the respondents have completed undergraduate studies, and the rest have finished high school or its equivalent (27 percent), or less (2 percent).

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Reporter: Dewa Ketut, Azis Kurmala
Editor: Rahmad Nasution
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