Jakarta (ANTARA) - Development of a satellite orbiting rocket (RPS) will have a major impact on improving Indonesia's economy, Head of the National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN) Lilis Mariani stated.

"The development of a satellite orbiting rocket will have a large enough impact on the space economy where there are new jobs created and there is data sales service. Then, there is also the absorption of labor on the manufacturing side," Mariani stated during a virtual seminar. Aeronautics and Space Technology for Advanced Indonesia is a series of activities for the Indonesia Expo 2020 Innovation held in Jakarta on Friday.

Mariani highlighted the importance of developing an RPS since it will offer benefits to propel the country's economy through the creation of new jobs and sales of data and services.

Citing another benefit of developing the RPS, Mariani noted that it was important for space exploration to increase human understanding of the universe, support space tourism and space mining, and find earth-like planets.

Furthermore, development of the RPS is required for launching satellites for communication, welfare, disaster prevention, and human security on earth.

"Development of an independent satellite orbiting rocket will be a matter of pride for the nation and can strengthen national defense," she stated.

Currently, over 10 countries are capable of building and launching rockets into orbit, including the United States, France, Russia, China, India, Japan, Iran, Israel, North Korea, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.
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