Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Institute for Indonesian Police Strategic Study (Lemkapi) advised parties against bringing the case of six Islam Defenders' Front (FPI) members shot dead during arrest to the Human Rights Court.

In a statement here on Wednesday, Lemkapi Executive Director Edi Hasibuan opined it to be a baseless move to bring to the Human Rights Court those who shot dead the FPI members since it did not constitute a gross violation of human rights.

"There is a party deliberately insisting that the shooting case was a gross human rights violation, and hence, it should be brought to the Human Rights Court," he remarked.

Hasibuan pointed out that those insisting that it was a gross human rights violation had built a misleading opinion and used doctored pictures.

Hasibuan, a lecturer at the University of Bhayangkara (Police), revealed that the National Human Rights Commission (Komnas HAM), which had conducted an investigation into the fatal shooting case, concluded that the deaths of the six FPI members constituted ordinary human rights violation rather than a gross human rights violation.

"We have observed that the shooting case did not meet a criteria of gross human rights violation in line with Law No 26 of 2020 on the Human Rights Court," he noted.

Hasibuan further quoted Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Human Rights Affairs Mahmud MD as saying that the case did not meet the criteria of gross human rights violation, notably structured, systematic, and massive.

"The Police has named three members of the Jakarta Police as the reported ones. The case is ongoing, and a preliminary hearing had been conducted with the attorney office," he remarked.

On December 7, 2020, the six FPI members died of gunshot wounds in a chase by undercover police on the Cikampek Toll Road, including four of them who died inside the police's vehicle while they were caught.

On March 4, 2021, Head of the National Police's Crime Investigation Department (Bareskrim) Commissioner General Agus Andrianto notified the press that the police had named the six dead FPI members as suspects.

"Meaning that we continue to investigate the incident. Later, we will stop the investigation because the suspects have died," Andrianto stated. Related news: Minister seeks evidence substantiating gross rights abuse allegation
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