Agriculture Ministry strives to sustain farmers' welfare

Agriculture Ministry strives to sustain farmers' welfare

Farmers are harvesting in the rice fields of Pabean Udik village of Indramayu in West Java on Saturday (3/20/2021). The Ministry of Agriculture asks Perum Bulog to absorb farmers' unhulled rice maximally in the middle of the harvest period March to April 2021 to maintain the stability of grain prices at the farmer level. ANTARA FOTO/Dedhez Anggara/hp.

Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Agriculture Ministry has continually increased food production to fulfill the people's requirements by maintaining the production of several agricultural commodities while sustaining the welfare of farmers by stabilizing selling prices.

"We remain committed to maintaining the production and welfare of farmers. Even during this harvest season, we actively participate in maintaining the selling price of the farmers' unhulled rice. We must safeguard their happiness during harvest," Head of the Public Relations and Public Information Bureau of the Agriculture Ministry Kuntoro Boga Andri noted in a written statement received here on Saturday.

Andri remarked that the task of maintaining production and boosting the economy of farmers aligned with the mandate of the law. The ministry’s efforts to maintain production encompass the formation of an Integrated Team for the Farmer's Grain Absorption Movement.

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The agriculture minister has issued a Letter of the Agriculture Minister Number 28/TP.100/M/03/2021, with a team comprising the Agriculture Ministry, ranks of the National Logistics Agency (Bulog), Agriculture Service, Food Security Service, Industry and Trade Service, Military Command, Police, Association of Rice and Rice Milling Entrepreneurs (Perpadi), as well as Rice Milling Strategy Command (Kostraling).

"The team is striving to absorb production by buying unhulled rice at the farm level in accordance with the cost of goods sold. That is what we want to confirm," he expounded.

Results of the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) area sample frame survey indicate that the potential area for rice harvest during the January-April 2021 period reached 4.86 million hectares, an increase of around 1.02 million hectares, or 26.53 percent, as compared to the January-April 2020 period during which it had reached 3.84 million hectares. The increase was due to the harvest season at the start of the year, particularly in several areas that continued to show a positive trend.

"The minister has also sent a letter to the head of BULOG to accelerate the absorption of the farmers’ grains. We are optimistic of the price not dropping, and the farmers being able to reap the benefits of the harvest. This is a concrete step by the government," Andri stated.

Currently, agricultural production is sufficient in line with the massive development of agricultural infrastructure, mechanization and utilization of mechanization technology, as well as other endeavors. Related news: Indonesia's farm exports rise 11% to Rp359.5 trillion