Cipinang: Suspicious package turns out to contain fake bomb

Cipinang: Suspicious package turns out to contain fake bomb

Bomb squad personnel secure the area where a suspicious package was found in Cipinang, Jakarta on Friday (March 26, 2021). (ANTARA/Yogi Rachman)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - A suspicious package found in East Jakarta's Duren Sawit area turned out to contain a toy or fake bomb along with some firecracker powder, the Jakarta Metropolitan Police informed.

"The suspicious package, suspected to contain an explosive, was brought to the National Police Brigade headquarters in Kelapa Dua Depok for further investigation," said chief of Jakarta Metro Police's public relations division, Police Chief Grand Commissioner Yusri Yunus, in Jakarta on Friday.

The Indonesian Police Headquarters Laboratory examined the package and determined that it did not contain any explosives.

“It turned out to contain a fake bomb, or a toy bomb, that was assembled,” said Yunus.

"There was also some powder in the suspicious package; it was indicated to be firecracker powder. The composition was right, but it would not explode because there was no trigger. It was discovered after the package was opened," he added.

It was then concluded, based on the investigation by the lab and the bomb squad, that the package contained a fake bomb.

"We are continuing to probe this, pursuing who placed the bag on the scene. We are gathering evidence, including from CCTVs and witnesses. So far there are two witnesses, a worker, identified as MA, and a security officer, identified as S," he said. (INE)

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