Jakarta rolls out mobile ambulances to expand vaccination coverage

Jakarta rolls out mobile ambulances to expand vaccination coverage

Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan launched 16 mobile vaccination ambulances on Thursday (July 8, 2021) as part of efforts to to speed up vaccine delivery to residents in the capital city. (ANTARA/HO-Humas Pemprov DKI Jakarta)

Jakarta (ANTARA) -  Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan on Thursday launched 16 mobile vaccine ambulances as part of efforts to expand the coverage of the COVID-19 vaccination program in the capital city.

The mobile vaccine ambulances will visit densely populated areas where vaccination coverage is low, he informed. The proactive vaccination program is expected to speed up and facilitate vaccine delivery to the community, he added.

"So that those who have mobility problems are expected to be able to get vaccinated quickly," the governor elaborated at Jakarta City Hall here on Thursday.

The rollout of mobile ambulances is the result of a collaboration between the Jakarta provincial government and the Jakarta Experience Board (Jaktour) with several stakeholders -- the Jaya Regional Military Command, the Metro Jaya Police, business associations such as Kadin, Apindo, Aprindo, and Hipindo, and PT Magenta Mediatama.

Of the 16 ambulances that will travel throughout Jakarta, five vehicles have been provided by the Jakarta administration, three by Kodam Jaya, three by Metro Jaya, three by Magenta, and two by the director general of higher education, Baswedan informed.

"Our appreciation for all collaborators in associations and the business world, the ranks of the Jaya Regional Military Command, the ranks of the Metro Jaya Regional Police, and the director general of higher education, who have worked together for the success of the vaccination program in Jakarta," he said.

Each vehicle will be manned by five personnel from different agencies and is expected to be able to easily move from place to place to ensure vaccinations take place, Baswedan said.

"This (mobile vaccination program) has been running since yesterday and until today it has been operating in the Jakarta area," he added.

The governor said he is optimistic the mobile vaccine ambulances would help achieve the vaccination target set by President Joko Widodo for Jakarta.

As of July 7, 2021, five million people have been vaccinated and have received their first dose in Jakarta, data from the Jakarta Provincial Health Office shows.

"We want the community to be vaccinated immediately. As of yesterday, we had vaccinated five million people in Jakarta. Hopefully, the target of vaccinating 7.5 million Jakarta's residents by the end of August (2021) as set by the President, God willing, will be achieved, because in early July we have succeeded in vaccinating five million people," Baswedan said. (INE)

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