Sharia Economic Festival 2021 in East Indonesia opens on July 27

Sharia Economic Festival 2021 in East Indonesia opens on July 27

Illustration: Sharia Economic Festival (FESyar) 2021 KTI aims to ensure that sharia economic development can support national economic progress. (ANTARA/KT).

There are other four representatives, who will conduct mosque-based economic empowerment and independence.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Sharia Economic Festival (FESyar) 2021 Eastern Indonesia region (KTI), with Gorontalo City as the host, officially commenced on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, and will be held until August 3, 2021.

Head of Bank Indonesia’s Representative Office of Gorontalo Province Budi Widihartanto stated that the FESYar 2021 KTI is a manifestation of the faith and endeavor in sharia economic and financial development in Indonesia.

"The imminent role of the sharia economy and finance in Indonesia's economy was proven during the COVID-19 pandemic," Widihartanto emphasized during the online opening of FESyar 2021 KTI.

"In 2020, the sharia economy in the halal value chain contracted by minus 1.72 percent (yoy) or better than the national contraction of minus 2.7 percent (yoy)," he pointed out.

Widihartanto noted that FESyar 2021 KTI is an initiative of Bank Indonesia under its annual agenda series of the 8th Indonesia Sharia Economic Festival (ISEF) held by Jakarta.

"It is an honor for us to host the FESyar 2021 KTI this year, with the theme of synergizing to build the sharia economy and finance to strengthen the momentum of economic recovery with regional quality resources," he affirmed.

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All domestic representative offices of Bank Indonesia, local governments, and the people of eastern Indonesia synergize together to enliven FESyar 2021 KTI, he asserted.

Widihartanto stated that of the 19 domestic representative offices in the KTI region, 17 representative offices had organized various activities in framing the road to FESyar activities.

He noted that the activities reflected the same spirit to develop end-to-end sharia economy and finance that encompassed programs by topic categorization.

Widihartanto expounded that some of the activities comprised conducting halal certification programs for food and fashion products. The 17 representatives will thereafter spread literacy on the sharia economy and finance.

Four other representatives will conduct mosque-based economic empowerment and independence.

Another eight representatives will conduct a development program for Islamic boarding schools that will later establish Herbitren, while 12 representatives have organized a development program for the food- and fashion-focused MSMEs.

"FESyar 2021 KTI is expected to broaden the latest knowledge and development related to sharia economy and finance through webinars and virtual talk shows," Widihartanto stated.

FESyar aims to ensure that sharia economic development can be conducted concurrently across Indonesia to support national economic progress, he emphasized.

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