Over 20.14 million Indonesians fully vaccinated against COVID-19

Over 20.14 million Indonesians fully vaccinated against COVID-19

Marine Affairs and Fisheries Minister Sakti Wahyu Trenggono reviews a vaccination  drive at a fishery port in Jembrana district, Bali on Friday (July 30, 2021). (Antaranews Bali/Gembong Ismadi/2021)

Jakarta (ANTARA) - As many as 20,146,421 Indonesians have received their second COVID-19 vaccine dose as of 12 p.m. WIB (Western Indonesia Time) on Friday, according to the COVID-19 Response Task Force.

The number of fully vaccinated Indonesians rose by 477,199 on Friday (July 30, 2021) compared to the day before, it informed.

Meanwhile, the number of Indonesians receiving their first COVID-19 vaccine jab increased by 516,051 to reach 45,805,993.

Overall, Indonesia is seeking to vaccinate 208,265,720 citizens to build herd immunity against the coronavirus under the nationwide vaccination drive, which was rolled out on January 13, 2021. President Joko Widodo was the nation's first COVID-19 vaccine recipient.

Earlier, vaccinologist and internist Dirga Sakti Rambe had said the government needs to increase vaccine coverage instead of administering the third COVID-19 dose to the general public.

"It will be nothing for us to get 10 shots of vaccine if people around us have not been vaccinated. So, it would be better to focus on expanding the vaccination outreach rather than giving the third, fourth, (etc.) hots to the same people," he remarked.

He said the third or booster shot has so far been given only to healthcare workers in Indonesia since they are in the frontlines of the COVID-19 fight.

Although antibodies will decline six months after receiving the second COVID-19 shot, the protection of vaccinated people against the infection will not be reduced, he added.

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