They (Taliban) said the appointment is only temporary while they are trying to form an inclusive government.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Indonesia only wanted Afghanistan to be a peaceful, stable and prosperous, Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi said quoting a statement she delivered at a meeting with Taliban representatives in Doha, Qatar, on August 26. "Indonesia's only hope is to witness Afghanistan achieve peace, stability and prosperity," she affirmed, during the working meeting of the House of Representatives Commission I at the Parliamentary Complex held on Thursday.

Marsudi stressed her meeting with Taliban representatives aimed to convey Indonesia's message to Afghanistan, after the group seized control of of the country’s government.

There were three points she mentioned during the meeting, she noted.

The first is the importance of forming an inclusive government, while the second is a guarantee that Afghanistan will be not used as a training ground for the activities of terrorist groups that threaten the security and stability of the region and the entire world, and the third is the importance of respecting women's rights, she explained.

"We used the meeting as a window or to create opportunities for delivering Indonesia's message and wishes towards Afghanistan," Marsudi further said, adding the Taliban expressed their commitment to forming an inclusive Afghan government.

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She confirmed the Taliban said they would appoint temporary officials in several positions, including the defense minister, home affairs minister, finance minister, education minister, intelligence chief, central bank governor, governor of Kabul, and mayor of Kabul.

"The Taliban said the appointments are only temporary while they are trying to form an inclusive government," she stated, affirming when she was in Doha, Qatar, she also had a separate meeting with Qatar's foreign minister and the US president's special envoy for Afghan affairs.

The move, according to her, needed to be done to obtain comparative notes on the situation in Afghanistan, to assist Indonesia's future decision-making.

"Our short visit to Doha lasted less than 24 hours. There, we compared notes on the situation and future projections to make decisions easier," she remarked.

Vice Chairman of the House's Commission I Anton Sukartono detailed the agenda for the Foreign Affairs Ministry.

First is the discussion of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' financial reports FY 2020, second is the working plan and the ministry's budget FY 2022, and third are the three national priority programs and priorities of the ministry for 2022.

The meeting took place behind closed doors during the presentation of the agenda results, which was delivered by Marsudi and the ministry's secretary-general.

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