Jakarta (ANTARA) - Djarum Foundation drew praises from the Industry Ministry for donating one thousand oxygen concentrators for several hospitals in Central Java and Yogyakarta Provinces.

"Our ministry always supports various programs and activities implemented by the industrial sector to play a contributing role in dealing with the impact of the current pandemic," Acting Director-General of Agro Industry at the Ministry of Industry Putu Juli Ardika noted in a written statement on Saturday.

He remarked that the assistance extended in the form of providing oxygen concentrators reflected the social concern of industry players for public health while handling the COVID-19 pandemic as well as a tangible manifestation of sound cooperation between the government and the industrial sector.

"This concern means that the domestic industry is not only a driver of the economy but also shares the burden when the country is reeling from difficult times," Ardika noted.

The Ministry of Industry is also determined to keep industrial activities running to meet the needs of domestic consumers and the export market.

"With the industrial sector continuing to operate, it helps to maintain investment and absorption of the existing workforce, which of course, spurs economic growth," he affirmed.

Strategic policies that support this comprise the grant of operational permits and industrial activity mobility (IOMKI).

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Moreover, Ardika noted that through Industry Minister's Instruction Number 1 of 2021 on oxygen products as industrial strategic commodities during the COVID-19 Health Emergency Period, oxygen producers maximize their production for medical use.

Furthermore, Industry Minister's Circular Letter Number 2 of 2021 calls on oxygen-using industries to reduce their oxygen usage in production operations since it was being diverted to meet medical requirements.

"The Ministry of Industry also facilitates the industrial sector in the manufacture of hazardous material suits (hazmat suit), oxygen supply, oxygen cylinders, and oxygen generators," Ardika explained.

Meanwhile, Vice Program Director of Djarum Foundation's Social Services, Achmad Budiharto, noted that currently, oxygen concentrators are an alternative to oxygen tanks used by COVID-19 patients, as they are easy to carry, are lighter in weight, and do not need to be refilled like conventional oxygen cylinders.

"Oxygen concentrators can be used for other patients, who suffer from respiratory diseases and decreased oxygen saturation in the blood," Budiharto stated during the handover of one thousand oxygen concentrators by the Djarum Foundation on Friday in Semarang, Central Java.

The Tobacco Products Industry (IHT) recorded good performance, with exports valued at Rp864.41 million in 2020 and contributed to state revenues, especially excise duty of Rp170.24 trillion, or contributed 10.4 percent to the State Budget.

In addition, IHT absorbs workers from upstream to downstream with a total of two million tobacco farmers, 1.5 million clove farmers, 600 thousand factory workers, and two million workers in the distribution and retail sectors.

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