Indonesia targets rehabilitating 34,000 ha mangrove areas this year

Indonesia targets rehabilitating 34,000 ha mangrove areas this year

President Joko Widodo in North Cilacap, Central Java Province, on Sept 23, 2021. ( ANTARA photo/HO-Youtube of the Presidential Secretariat )

Jakarta (ANTARA) - Mangrove areas, spanning a total area of 34 thousand hectares (ha), will be rehabilitated this year, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) stated after planting mangrove trees in Tritih Lor Village, Cilacap District. North, Cilacap, Central Java Province, on Thursday.

"We will continue to conduct mangrove rehabilitation, both by the Peat and Mangrove Restoration Agency and also by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry. Our target in 2021 is to cover some 34 thousand hectares," the president noted.

Mangrove rehabilitation is becoming increasingly important for the preservation of mangrove forests that can help to address the ongoing impacts of climate change.

According to the head of state, mangroves are expected to reduce wave energy, protect the coast from abrasion, inhibit water intrusion, and improve coastal habitats and the environment.

Jokowi also expressed hope that the presence of mangrove forests would increase the production of fish and other marine resources. Hence, fishermen can get more fish and be able to earn higher incomes.

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"Especially crabs, we just got two crabs earlier. We are optimistic that it would increase the local people's income," according to the president.

Following the mangrove tree planting event, the president and his entourage headed to the state high school SMA Negeri 2 Cilacap to review the implementation of vaccination for students and to greet the vaccination participants at several other schools via video conference.

He also reviewed the implementation of the door-to-door vaccination drive for villagers in the Sentolo Kawat fisherman's area, South Cilacap Sub-district.

Before returning to Jakarta, the head of state released hatchlings on Kemiren Beach, South Cilacap.

President Jokowi's entourage comprised Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung; head of the Presidential Secretariat, Heru Budi Hartono; Presidential Military Secretary M. Tonny Harjono; Commander of the Presidential Security Detail (Paspampres), Major General Tri Budi Utomo; and Deputy for Protocol, Press, and Media at the Presidential Secretariat Bey Machmudin. 

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