Papua PON: Jakarta wins gold in PUBG Mobile esports exhibition

Papua PON: Jakarta wins gold in PUBG Mobile esports exhibition

Screenshot of the Jakarta team winning the PUBG Mobile esports exhibition in Papua PON XX on Friday (September 24, 2021). (ANTARA/ ESI/FR)

Jayapura, Papua (ANTARA) - Jakarta Province won the first place and a gold medal in the PUBG Mobile esports exhibition sports branch at the Papua National Sports Week (PON) XX.

A total of 16 teams competed for 10 rounds in the Grand Final of the PUBG Mobile esports exhibition, held for two days in Jakarta.

The 16 teams moved to the Grand Final after the qualifying and pre-PON round in which 4,916 teams comprising 19,664 athletes from 33 provinces across Indonesia had reportedly participated.

Jakarta stood seventh on the first day, on Thursday, pocketing 46 points from earning Winner Winner Chicken Dinner (WWDC) once. Meanwhile, the top three slots were won by Bangka Belitung, West Papua, and North Sulawesi during the first day.

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During five rounds on the first day of Papua PON's PUBG Mobile esports exhibition, Bangka Belitung clocked 65 total points with one WWDC, West Papua recorded 59 total points with two WWDC, and North Sulawesi landed 56 total points.

The competition heats up during the second day, on Friday, which was opened with West Papua's victory, with a total of 11 elimination points during the sixth round.

During the seventh round, Jakarta won the match that placed the province in the second place, right below West Papua.

Jakarta's intensive play earned the province a victory during the ninth round that further strengthened the team's position and allowed it to dominate West Papua as the temporary top leader of the competition.

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The match to determine the top three became more exciting when Bali, in the fourth place, achieved WWDC with double-digit elimination points, 13 points to be precise, in the tenth round.

However, in the end, Jakarta won the gold medal for the Papua PON's PUBG Mobile esports exhibition, while the silver and bronze were bagged by West Papua and North Sulawesi respectively. 

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