Sustainable fashion is not trend but obligation: IFC

Sustainable fashion is not trend but  obligation: IFC

Illustration of the sustainable fashion movement in di Stockholm, Swedia. (ANTARA/Shutterstock/FR)

Sustainability is the new lifestyle. Fashion may has a negative impact but sustainable fashion has a very large market potential.
Jakarta (ANTARA) - Sustainable fashion is not just an annual trend but an obligation that should be fulfilled by the fashion industry in Indonesia, National Chairman of the Indonesian Fashion Chamber (IFC) Ali Charisma stated.

The fashion industry is one of the biggest contributors of waste in the world, Charisma pointed out. Europe has applied the concept of sustainability in the last few years through its industry players and consumers, he highlighted.

"Of course, the extent of sustainability can differ," he noted during a webinar on Monday.

Indonesia should participate in utilizing the concept of sustainable fashion, he emphasized. Despite no industry actors being involved, few producers, designers, and consumers have become aware of the importance of sustainability.

"Sustainability is not just for the branding or marketing strategy but it is also a form of conviction and obligation due to the negative impact of fashion on the environment, namely the oil spill," Charisma explained.

"We believe that it is important to respond to this. What is important is that we have the will and want to start," he asserted.

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Moreover, Charisma opined that the concept of sustainability does not translate to being apathetic to the world's trends since they can go hand-in-hand.

For instance, producers and designers utilize eco-friendly materials, and the results could be recycled into new products that would not harm the environment, he elaborated.

Another example will be using leftover materials for other fashion products, so there would not be any waste, he added.

Through these examples, the development of Indonesia's fashion can still follow the global trend, albeit with the foundation of sustainability and Indonesian materials, he noted.

"We still have to follow the world's trend in order to compete with the global industry with ready-to-wear craft fashion," Charisma stated.

Sustainable fashion also holds vast potential in the international market, he noted. Furthermore, the world's fashion house is transitioning to sustainable fashion in addition to popular brands from the fast-evolving fashion industry, he remarked.

"Sustainability is the new lifestyle. Fashion may have a negative impact, but sustainable fashion has a very large market potential. We cannot miss out on this opportunity," he emphasized. 

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