East Java Governor supports Red and White Vaccine clinical trial

East Java Governor supports Red and White Vaccine clinical trial

East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa during the 67th anniversary of Airlangga University on Tuesday, November 9, 2021. (ANTARA/HO-Humas Unair)

Surabaya, East Java (ANTARA) - East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa expressed her support for the clinical trial of the Red and White Vaccine created by Airlangga University, from the foremost until the third stage.

The governor noted in Surabaya on Tuesday that currently, the Red and White Vaccine clinical trial was still awaiting permission from the National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM).

The trial will be conducted by three stakeholders in collaboration, comprising Airlangga University, PT Biotis Pharmaceuticals Indonesia, and Dr. Soetomo Regional General Hospital in Surabaya.

Parawansa highlighted that so far, several individuals had volunteered to undergo the vaccine clinical trials.

"Hence, the place for conducting clinical trials for volunteers is at Dr Soetomo Hospital. Thus, we are also part of the efforts to expedite the implementation of the first, second, and third stages of the clinical trials of the Red and White vaccine," Parawansa remarked.

She expects all stakeholders to back up and support the vaccine development process, especially since the next day was November 10.

"As the chairman of the Airlangga University Alumni Association, I am proud of Airlangga University, which has offered the best present for this country to provide protection and safety to all Indonesian people," she affirmed.

"Once more I reiterate that I will be the one who stands at the forefront to encourage the success of the first, second and third phases of the vaccine clinical trials," the governor pointed out.

Rector of Airlangga University Prof. Muhammad Nasih stressed that the Red and White vaccine was the university's contribution to Indonesia.

Airlangga University has handed over the Red and White Vaccine seeds to PT. Biotis Pharmaceuticals Indonesia for further clinical trials.

"This is because we have given the vaccine seeds to PT. Biotis, and the next step is production on a pilot scale," Prof. Nasih expounded.

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