Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Women's Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA Ministry) underscored the significance of parental role in supervising children's access to digital content to avoid sexual violence and pornography on the internet.

"The ministry has expressed concern regarding the case of digital abuse, including law violation in online games. It can threaten the safety and security of children," Assistant Deputy for Special Protection in Child Service (AMPK) from the PPPA Ministry, Robert Parlindungan Sitinjak, stated in a press release on Wednesday.

He made the statement based on the finding of a child pornography case through online games that was investigated by the Directorate of Cyber Crimes at the National Police Criminal Investigation Department.

Sitinjak remarked that parents played an important role in self-censorship and strengthening digital literacy skills. Parents should also have awareness in using the internet to protect their children's future.

He also pressed for developing digital parenting to prevent violence, especially education on preventing sexual violence against children through the internet.

Digital parenting is supervision and dialectical assistance for children by building a discussion room with them. Children are expected to understand the impact of digital content on their mental and physical health.

Children must also receive education to report accessible inappropriate content on the internet.

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"We have done this report through various complaint platforms, including our social media. In addition, we have a hotline number 129 or through WhatsApp message on +628111129129," he revealed.

To prevent pornography cases in the digital realm, the PPPA Ministry has collaborated with the Ministry of Communication and Informatics, National Child Protection Commission (KPAI), National Narcotics Agency (BNN), Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK), Ministry of Social Affairs, and Ministry of Health, and Child Protection Observer Organizations to develop a roadmap for child protection in the digital realm as an effort to fulfil the right to protection for Indonesian children.

Sitinjak emphasized that the roadmap for child protection is important to be completed immediately to create beneficial regulations bearing in mind the best interests of children, especially in the online realm.

"The PPPA Ministry is in the process of compiling a roadmap for child protection in the online realm as a guideline that must be followed as a reference by all ministries/agencies, businesses, academics, the community, and all stakeholders in the efforts to prevent and handle violence against children on the internet," he added.

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