Indonesian military builds six church bell towers in Papua

Indonesian military builds six church bell towers in Papua

One of the six church bell towers which were built by soldiers of Yonif MR 412 Army Strategic Reserves Command (Kostrad) Task Force in Lanny Jaya District, Papua.

Lanny Jaya, Papua (ANTARA) - Soldiers of the Infantry Battalion (Yonif) MR 412  of the Army Strategic Reserves Command (Kostrad) helped build six church bell towers for congregations in their assigned region, Lanny Jaya District in Papua.

The Yonif MR 412 Task Force Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Moch. Renaldy Herbowo, in his statement received here on Sunday, explained that his task force's contributions were in the form of six church bell towers.

The six towers were officially handed over through a series of worship activities, such as the stone burning tradition, which served as a sign of gratitude.

"The key procession of the church's bell tower was held simultaneously in six locations in Lanny Jaya District," Herbowo said.

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He also hoped that the bell towers will bring benefits and peace among the church congregations in Lanny Jaya District.

"Hopefully, the sounds of these bells can be a facility to call the congregation to come to worship, so that peace in the land of Papua is looked after. This is the Indonesian Defense Forces' (TNI's) purpose here, we come for peace and love the people of Lanny Jaya," he said.

According to him, the construction of these bell towers was initiated due to the shortages of church facilities. Back then, people only used a piece of metal and old oxygen tube for the bells, making some churchgoers were often late coming to the service.

Yonif MR 412 Task Force of he Army Strategic Reserves Command built six bell towers in Pinime Church in Malagay Village, Tipugwi Church and Lowanom Church in Malagayneri Village, Mowi Church in Balingga, Manggalome Church in Tima Village and Wiyaware Church in Pirime Village.

Meanwhile, pastors and community leaders of each church congregation expressed gratitude to the task force for providing something useful for the congregation.

"We never thought of these bell towers. Thank God for the 412 Kostrad battalion," Pastor Del Tabuni from Mowi Church said.

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