Leuwigajah double-track bridge can drive people's economy: governor

Leuwigajah double-track bridge can drive people's economy: governor

The Leuwigajah double-track bridge connects the sub-districts of Central Cimahi and South Cimahi. (ANTARA/HO-West Java Provincial Government).

Bandung (ANTARA) - West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil inaugurated the Leuwigajah double-track bridge connecting Baros, Central Cimahi Sub-district, with Leuwigajah, South Cimahi, Cimahi City, on Wednesday.

Kamil noted that the Leuwigajah double-track bridge can help the Cimahi people's economy to grow.

In 2022, the underpass in Dustira will be completed, as Kamil's party supports the development of several road infrastructures to bolster economic growth in Cimahi, he affirmed.

The governor explained that with the new bridge, the people of Central and South Cimahi can now be free of traffic jams. The 47.8-m bridge, built on the Cipularang toll road KM 127+ 800, had been under trial in 2021.

The bridge is intended for vehicles driving from Baros Road or Leuwigajah Highway to Kerkof Road, while vehicles from the opposite direction still ply on the old bridge.

"Today, we officially launch the Leuwigajah Bridge that has now been widened into two tracks to facilitate public access every day," Kamil stated.

Hence, the West Java governor expressed hope that some infrastructure in Cimahi City would provide support for local residents in navigating through 2022 as the year of economic recovery.

The governor also suggested that the Leuwigajah Bridge be named after one of the heroes from Cimahi City. If so, the bridge-naming gesture can pay tribute to the heroes' services, he added.

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"Today's inauguration aims to announce (the news) to the community. Later, we will search for its name. Our idea is a hero from the city of Cimahi," he noted.

Leuwigajah Bridge was built in two years, with Rp23-billion funding assistance from the West Java provincial government.

Meanwhile, some residents of Leuwigajah in Cimahi City welcomed the new bridge that passes above the Purbaleunyi Toll Road KM 27.

Severe congestion at the location was addressed and the positive impact is real, such as the smooth traffic flow of goods and services transportation, according to Bastiani, the sub-district head of South Cimahi. 

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