Jakarta (ANTARA) - The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing is planning to build an underwater toll road or submersible crossing in Indonesia's new capital in East Kalimantan.

"The ministry's road construction director general Hedy Rahadian wants us to use the best technology, one of which is by benefiting from (the use of) submersible crossing," head of the Indonesian Toll Road Authority (BPJT), Danang Parikesit, informed here on Monday.

The underwater toll road would be connected to the Balikpapan-Samarinda Highway, he said, adding that the ministry has been preparing a detailed engineering design (DED) for connecting the underwater toll road to the highway.

Meanwhile, spokesperson for the ministry, Endra S. Atmawidjaja, said that the planned construction of the submersible crossing is aimed at protecting the swamp area around the new capital, Nusantara.

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"We do not want to damage the protected swamp area, so we will build the road underwater," Atmawidjaja explained.

Earlier, head of the task force for new capital infrastructure development, Danis H Sumadilaga, had said that basic infrastructure, such as water resources, will be a priority in building the state capital in East Kalimantan.

Water resource infrastructure development in the new capital will prioritize two points: how to control floods by utilizing areal drainage and how to ensure the need for raw water sources can be met step by step, he added.

As a development area must be linked with other places or cities, it is obvious that road construction is important to give access and connectivity to the new capital, he remarked.

Meanwhile, the new capital construction is focused on the Central Government Area, or KIPP, which is supported by land development, utilities, environmental drainage, and so on, he said.

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