Pontianak, W Kalimantan (ANTARA) - The Indonesian Military's (TNI) Border Security Task Force of Mechanized Infantry Battalion (Yonif Mekanis) 643/Wanara Sakti has helped local fishers to process cuttlefish bone waste in Paloh, Sambas District, West Kalimantan.

"Some 85 percent of the cuttlefish bones are known to contain calcium carbonate (CaCO3) that is the main component of HA (hydroxyapatite) and that has been used as bird feed and cosmetic powder ingredients owing to its calcium content," Lt Col Hendro Wicaksono, the commander of the Indonesia-Malaysia border security task force explained in Sambas on Monday.

Wicaksono highlighted that cuttlefish bones can currently be processed into and utilized as a filler material for those with bone injury.

He remarked that with such activities, personnel of 643 Yonif Mekanis had participated in helping to improve the local economy during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"Three personnel from the Temajuk post, led by second sergeant Rangga, helped Budang, a resident of Camar Bulan, in processing the cuttlefish bone waste," he noted.

Wicaksono drew attention to myriad benefits of cuttlefish bones, which can increase both domestic and international demand, thereby supporting the economy of people in Temajuk Village.

"During this COVID-19 pandemic, we always motivate people to keep up the spirit in putting in efforts, so they can support the family's economy," Wicaksono added.

Meanwhile, Temajuk Post Commander second lieutenant Baso Djufri pointed out that the task force's assistance to the people in recycling cuttlefish waste aimed at serving as a form of motivation amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Meanwhile, Budang expressed gratitude to the 643 Yonif Mekanis personnel that had participated in supporting his cuttlefish bone waste processing business.

"The Border Security Task Force always helps all businesses owned by the community and motivates us to continue to be passionate. May they always be smooth and successful in their duty," he stated.

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