Purwokerto, Central Java (ANTARA) - People's Consultative Assembly (MPR) Deputy Chairman Zulkifli Hasan lauded Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo for visiting Wadas, Purworejo, to placate a dam construction plan-related conflict while pressing for halting land measurement for the dam's development.

"I certainly laud Governor Ganjar, who had initiated to promptly visit the location to calm down his people," Hasan noted here on Thursday.

He, however, called for a halt to activities concerning land measurement at the location where Bener Dam will be constructed in Wadas.

Hasan also called for the release of every detained Wadas villager.

MPR strongly called for a dialog or mediation to address the problem in Wadas, Hasan noted.

"Certainly, it (a dialog) is a must. Stop the measurement activity, release all of them, and we support Mr Ganjar who has taken an initiative for a dialog," Hasan, chairman of the National Mandate Party (PAN), remarked.

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"Currently, the most important thing is security, peace, and safety. It is the number one," he stated.

On Tuesday (Feb 8), hundreds of police and military personnel were deployed to Wadas to guard land measurement and procurement activities of an area that includes an andesite rock mining site where Bener Dam will be constructed in Wadas Village, Bener Sub-district, Purworejo District, Central Java Province.

However, several villagers objected to the construction of the dam over fears that they would lose the andesite rock mining area where many of them earn their living.

The villagers of Wadas have been resisting the procurement of the mining area for the last several years, thereby leading to a conflict between them and police personnel.

At least 60 Wadas villagers were detained on Tuesday, but the police said they were not arrested and would be released soon.

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