We have encouraged some sub-districts in Surakarta to participate in this pilot project and serve as a model for other sub-districts and villages in Indonesia
Surakarta, Central Java (ANTARA) - The Pancasila Ideology Education Agency (BPIP) has designated Surakarta City in Central Java as a model city for a project on the communal implementation of values of the national ideology Pancasila hosted by the agency.

"We have encouraged some sub-districts in Surakarta to participate in this pilot project and serve as a model for other sub-districts and villages in Indonesia," BPIP's deputy for inter-institutional relations, dissemination, communication, and network, Prakoso, stated here on Monday.

Surakarta was selected as a model city due to the city's strong association with cultural and traditional values that is expected to have a positive influence on other cities with similar conditions, he affirmed.

"Self-sustained villages must also be culturally self-sustained. Hence, we hope this would inspire other villages in Surakarta. We will also collaborate with local figures (to bolster the programme)," the deputy remarked.

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Some programmes that the agency will promote at the model sub-districts are dissemination on communal cooperation, reactivation of family welfare empowerment (PKK) agendas, competitions, and youth activities, he noted.

"We will also disseminate information on good governance at the sub-district level and mutual assistance values (to the residents). Our aim is to actualise Pancasila values to members of the basic community level," Prakoso affirmed.

Apart from Surakarta, the BPIP deputy revealed that some regions in Brebes District in Central Java, Palu City in Central Sulawesi, and North Sumatra had also been designated as model regions for the Pancasila implementation programme.

"We want those areas to set an example for united, cultured, and self-sustained villages. Authorities at the local level must decide their policies with tolerance and humanist values, as well as their urgency being taken into consideration. With the application of Pancasila values, residents can live united and in a pleasurable manner," he remarked.

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Meanwhile, Surakarta Mayor Gibran Rakabuming Raka reiterated his readiness to prepare his city as the model region for BPIP's Pancasila implementation programme.

"We have selected Semanggi Sub-district (as the model region) on account of the several lingering issues in the region, such as poverty, slum areas, and radicalism," Gibran explained.

The municipal authority has also intensively worked to address the slum area issues in Semanggi Sub-district, he noted while adding that the authority remains committed to advancing physical and societal development in the region.

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