Mataram, West Nusa Tenggara (ANTARA) - Officers of the National Police's Marine and Air Police Corps (Polairud) intensified sea patrolling in the waters around the Mandalika Circuit to maintain security before and during the 2022 Pertamina Grand Prix of Indonesia.

"The marine and air police corps team intensified sea patrols with support from the police's Security Maintenance Agency (Baharkam) that has supplied the Police Boat Baladewa 8002 for our patrolling," West Nusa Tenggara Police's public relations department head, Senior Commissioner Artanto, noted in Mataram on Monday.

Meanwhile, captain of the Police Boat Baladewa 8002 Commissioner Carito spoke of his team having stepped up sea patrols to thwart potential security threats that may disrupt the MotoGP championship at the circuit on March 18-20.

"To ensure that the Mandalika MotoGP this weekend will be organized smoothly, we will intensify our patrols until the conclusion of the event," Carito remarked.

The patrols were intensified since Sunday (Mar 13), he remarked, adding that the Baladewa 8002 boat had conducted a patrol from Gili Mas Port in West Lombok District to the southern waters of Lombok Island close to the Mandalika Circuit.

"Our patrol boat has sailed the Indian Ocean, and the patrol ended at the Teluk Awang dock located east of the Mandalika waters," the captain noted.

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Carito affirmed that conditions in the waters around the circuit were secure, and no security threats were found during inspection.

Foreign ships detected to cross the sea close to the Mandalika waters during inspection do not pose a threat to the circuit and the event, he added.

"Praise be to God, our waters are safe. Some foreign ships are detected, yet through our communication, they declare themselves as a cargo ship that will sail for China and other destinations, and they need to cross Bali or Lombok straits," Carito remarked.

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