Jakarta (ANTARA) - Jakarta bus rapid transit operator TransJakarta will leave all matters regarding investigation into the recurrence of accidents involving buses operated by the company last week to the police authority, according to the TransJakarta management.

President Director of TransJakarta Mochammad Yana Aditya stated that the police have greater authority and competence to investigate all aspects of the bus accidents.

"The police investigation will determine the causes of the accidents, and the TransJakarta management will prepare all necessary prevention measures. We will promptly address all aspects that require handling," Aditya stated in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Aditya affirmed that safety recommendations given by the National Transportation Safety Committee (KNKT) would be the basis in improving the bus rapid transit safety.

"For instance, we are now deliberating the bus drivers' health, and earlier, we had deliberated about the bus drivers' rest time and (the necessity to) improve the TransJakarta management structure by setting up a department that focuses on safety monitoring," the president director remarked.

He also noted that the management remains committed to implementing all safety recommendations provided by the KNKT.

"This year, we will implement all 15 safety recommendations given by the KNKT," he remarked.

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Earlier, TransJakarta buses were involved in four separate accidents that occurred on Sunday (Mar 13) until Monday (Mar 14).

On Sunday morning, at 6:10 a.m. local time (UTC +7), a motorcyclist was killed after having collided with a TransJakarta bus on MH Thamrin Road, Central Jakarta.

On the same day, a TransJakarta bus collided with a road separator in Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta. The bus fuel then leaked onto the road, as the fuel tank got punctured on account of the collision.

Another accident occurred later in the day when a TransJakarta bus was involved in a collision with a sedan car in Simprug, South Jakarta.

No casualties were recorded during the two accidents in South Jakarta.

Another TransJakarta accident was recorded on Monday when a pedestrian was killed after being hit by a TransJakarta bus in Pancoran, South Jakarta. The accident was the fourth to have occurred in only two days.
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