Jakarta (ANTARA) - The students protest planned to be held on Monday (Apr 11) must not turn violent as it would harm the image of students movement, a political observer of Syarif Hidayatullah Islamic State University Adi Prayitno said.

"Freedom of speech and expression is the constitutional right of every citizen, including students, yet it must be delivered within the framework of democracy," Prayitno said in his statement received here on Sunday.

The expert said that regulations have been made to regulate demonstrations and protests to ensure that the practice will adhere to democratic values.

Protests delivered in chaotic manner will harm students movement image, he said, adding that a protest delivered in an elegant way is preferred in a mature democracy.

"I believe university students could (respect democratic values while protesting). Hence, it is important to anticipate provocateurs that want to disrupt students' movement," Prayitno noted.

The political observer expressed hope that university students could maintain their image while protesting in the public, as an orderly protest mean that they are capable of expressing their discontent elegantly.

"Demonstration must not turn violent because it will cause political instability and it will be a violation of our laws," he said.

Earlier, Indonesian Students Executive Board (BEM SI) had declared their plan to protest on Monday (Apr 11) to express their opposition against the 2024 General Elections delay and the presidential term extension voiced by some members of the society.

Furthermore, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) had instructed cabinet ministers to not make any comments on the election delay and presidential term limit extension discourses,

Prayitno perceived the president's warning as a firm measure. "That is a good trigger from the president, and ministers must no longer speak on that discourses," he said.

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Translator: M Zulfikar, Nabil Ihsan
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