Jakarta (ANTARA) - Health Ministry's Spokesperson Siti Nadia Tarmizi called to keep an eye out for five provinces in Java and Bali that recorded a surge in COVID-19 positive cases.

"However, as compared to the peak condition, it is still far away," she noted during a virtual press conference on the ministry's YouTube channel on Tuesday.

In April 10, 2022, some 169 new cases were reported in Java-Bali, and that figure is estimated to continue to rise within the next several days.

These five provinces comprise Jakarta, Central Java, Bangka Belitung, North Kalimantan, and Bali.

"The surge in (the number of) positive cases will lead to a higher infection rate risk," she elaborated.

The rise in cases in these regions is under 0.1 percent from the Omicron wave situation in February 2022.

Tarmizi, concurrently the Ministry's Public Health Secretary, called to watch out for a rise in cases in these five provinces despite the number of cases continuing to consistently decline nationally.

"We know that the condition continues to improve, but we still need to be alert, especially since there will be a quite large religious celebration in the near future that becomes our collective test," she remarked.

Although the COVID-19 confirmation rate has been volatile on the national scale, in general, there has been a significant decline in the number of cases as compared to the previous week.

"Yesterday, 2,930 cases were reported. There was an increase from the last several days, and it was volatile in nature," Tarmizi explained.

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Meanwhile, the death count decreased by 33 percent or stood at 75 lives. This figure declined from the weekly report that reached one hundred lives, she remarked.

Moreover, the positivity rate, the proportion of positive people from the entirety of the tested population within the last week, reached 4.6 percent, while the daily positivity rate is pegged at three percent.

"This figure is already below the World Health Organization's (WHO's) figure of five percent," she remarked.

In addition, the isolation and hospital treatment indicator is at 6.67 percent, or already below 10 percent from the hospital occupancy target, she stated.

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