Jakarta (ANTARA) - The current COVID-19 case spike was triggered by changes in virus variants and easing of compliance with health protocols, Head of the Health Support Sub-Section for the Emergency COVID-19 Task Force, Alexander K. Ginting, stated.

"Every change in the virus variant will result in an increase (in the number) of cases, supported by other factors, such as easing of health protocols in the community, individuals, families, and communities," Ginting noted during the dialogue program titled "Beware, Omicron is back in Indonesia" that was broadcast virtually in Jakarta, Thursday.

He later remarked that the pattern was based on the pandemic history of Indonesia in the last two years.

From January to March 2021, Indonesia was in a state of emergency, marked by a surge in the number of active cases, from 100 thousand to 175 thousand. During the period from May to July 2021, the number of active cases had even reached 550 thousand.

"The peak (in the number) of cases in July 2021 was caused by the Delta variant, while in January 2021, it was caused by the original strain from Wuhan," Ginting stated.

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Through comprehensive control and immunity from vaccines, Indonesia was able to control the pandemic condition during the period from September to November 2021. However, the country experienced another spike in cases during the February-March 2022 period caused by the Omicron variant that entered the country in December 2021.

"In April 2022, we experienced a decline since we were able to control the transmission and (the situation was) also helped by the people's immunity. The complete dose of vaccination had been 80 percent, and 54 million people have received the booster vaccine," Ginting stated.

At the same event, the Health Ministry's spokesperson, Mohammad Syahril, stated that five provinces in Indonesia experienced an increase in COVID-19 cases, which had occurred from June 10, 2022, until now.

"The increase in COVID-19 cases has occurred since June 10, 2022, with 627 cases. Three days later, it had decreased, and now, it has increased again to 1,242 cases," Syahril stated.

He remarked that Jakarta, Banten, West Java, Central Java, and East Java were the five provinces with the highest number of cases nationally.

Syahril, who concurrently serves as director at Sulianti Saroso Hospital, affirmed that the main reason behind the increase in cases was the emergence of the BA.4 and BA.5 subvariants of COVID-19.

"However, the condition is still under control. Do not let it get worse like the Delta and Omicron period," he emphasized.
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